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Irish Government

  • The Law Reform Commission
    The Law Reform Commission is an independent statutory body corporate established under the Law Reform Commission Act, 1975, to keep the law under review and to make recommendations for its reform. This includes work on consolidation of statutes and statute law revision.
  • The National Roads Authority
    The Authority's primary function, under the Roads Act 1993, is 'to secure the provision of a safe and efficient network of national roads'. For this purpose, it has overall responsibility for planning and supervision of construction and maintenance works on these roads.
  • The Department of the Environment
    To promote sustainable development and improve the quality of life through protection of the environment and heritage, infrastructure provision, balanced regional development and good local government.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
    At the front line of environmental protection and policing. Ensure that Ireland's environment is protected, and monitoring changes in environmental trends to detect early warning signs of neglect or deterioration.
  • An Bord Pleannala
    An independent body ensuring that physical development and major infrastructure projects in Ireland respect the principles of sustainable development and are planned in an efficient, fair and open manner.
  • The Valuation Tribunal
    The Tribunal is an independent body set up to deal with appeals to it against decisions of the Commissioner of Valuation on the rateable valuation of commercial properties.
  • Valuation Office Ireland
    The Valuation Office is the State property valuation agency. The core business of the Office is the provision of accurate, up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties to ratepayers and rating authorities as laid down by statute.
  • Central Statistics Office Ireland
    The collection, compilation, extraction and dissemination for statistical purposes of information relating to economic, social and general activities and conditions in the State



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